Who are The Purveyors of Excellent Eliquids?

A group of extraordinary adventurers who have traveled the globe to source amazing extracts and aromas for their artfully blended eLiquids. Each Purveyor has a hand crafted profile that exudes the tastes of their origin. You will encounter a unique indulgence that masterfully balances flavor and all day vapeability when experiencing the Purveyors.

Travel the world with The Purveyors of Excellent eLiquids!

The Purveyors eLiquid embodies the finest ingredients. Made in the USA. May Contain: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Natural & Artificial Flavorings, Sweetener and Nicotine
Please Vape Responsibly. 21+ only.


Crisp Brussel (belgian) waffles with Mixed Berries, Sweet Maple Syrup, Vanilla and a Dollop of Whipped Cream. (70/30 VG/PG)

The young Belgian left his homeland to explore the world and seek out new exotic flavors. While at sea, his ship was commandeered by a seasoned pirate, The Dutchman. During their voyages they found other explores and together they sought out the mysterious “Collector".


Fresh Baked, Flaky and Decadent Apple Danish topped with Cinnamon Strudel and a Madagascar Vanilla Glaze Drizzle. (60/40 VG/PG)

The salty and brash buccaneer known as the Dutchman leads the team on their expeditions and seeks out a mysterious individual known as “The Collector”.


A Sweet and Savory French Praline Candied Pecan Sundae. Swirls of Vanilla Ice Cream and Ribbons of Caramel and Butterscotch. (75/25 VG/PG)

A young debutante left her home to break free of her traditional aristocratic family. Her journey lead her to Seville, the tobacco capital of the world, where she met a boisterous man named the Spaniard and a man named Moroccan.


A Creamy and Fresh Citrus and Mixed Berry Sorbet with Sweet Notes of Mandarin Orange Whipped Smoothie. (60/40 VG/PG)

Not much is known of the the soft spoken Mandarin from Northern China. All we know is he makes delicious food and is swift with his feet! He is a master of a mysterious fighting art he calls Kung Fu. The Mandarin sails with his colleagues the Belgian and Dutchman.


Spiced Vanilla Chai  Latte topped with Steamed Sweet Cream and Espresso. (70/30 VG/PG)

The Moroccan left home in search of new trade partners for his exotic middle eastern spices. He came across two fellow explorers, Franciese and the Spaniard during his initial voyages. They became quite the team... then one day, they met the Dutchman.


Smooth Spanish Tobacco Enrobed in Delicious Salted Caramel and Finished with Hints of Exotic Spices. (70/30 VG/PG)

The boisterous Spaniard is smooth, noble and at times very outspoken. He traveled from his home in Seville after hearing stories of a new world discovered across the seas.